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ADDvantage Care

In 1994, ADDvantage CARE developed a Healthcare Discount Organization (HDO), a provider network program that focuses on wellness services, and helps employees and individual members in Louisiana save money when certain wellness services were needed. Most of these wellness services are not found in traditional medical insurance plans. Today, the HDO Member Benefit Plan features more than ten (10) ways for members to save by taking advantage of the wellness services and insurance options offered.

In early 1998, as the HDO grew in popularity, we established our insurance agency. Using the strength and membership of the HDO, we found we could offer small businesses benefit packages that were once reserved only for larger employers. Along with the HDO, we offer medical, dental, vision, life, disabilty, and a full line of voluntary benefits.

We further expanded our agency to include individual insurance products, such as: medical, dental, life, vision, accident, cancer, long term care, disability income, and many more products. We are also equipped to help seniors with their Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

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ADDvantage Insurance is a company with a team that is well-equipped to handle the complexity of any insurance system. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to integrate new and emerging insurance policies with your existing ones seamlessly. Their team is certified and trained, which gives them the ability to provide you with the guidance and insight you need to make the right insurance investment choices. ADDvantage Insurance is also committed to listening to your needs and developing custom insurance solutions that meet those requirements. With their broad knowledge and diversity, they can offer you a comprehensive approach to insurance that ensures you are adequately covered in every aspect of your business.

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